What r-value is required in florida?

Residential requirements for insulation are divided by the location of the house. The insulation of framed walls must meet or exceed R-13. In the case of block walls, the interior insulation must meet or exceed R-7, 8 and the external insulation must be R-6.The roof insulation must be much higher, with R-30, and a raised floor must have at least R-13. You can measure the thickness of the attic insulation with a ruler and multiply the number of inches by the R value of that particular insulation to obtain an insulation index. This resistance, or R value, refers to the performance of the insulation by measuring the resistance to heat flowing through the insulation over time. To help you find the right amount and type of insulation for your home, here are the insulation requirements in Florida.

In addition, the overall R value of a wall or roof will be somewhat different from the R value of the insulation itself because part of the heat flows around the insulation through the uprights and beams of wooden or steel frame buildings (thermal bridge). Sprayed-foam insulation is best used in areas that are already insulated, but need additional levels of insulation to meet insulation requirements or maximize energy efficiency. It is very important to understand that the way in which the insulation is installed is almost as important as the R value. In addition to knowing the insulation requirements, another important consideration when installing insulation is the material to be used.

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