What is the florida code for attic insulation?

All other Florida counties are considered to be in Climate Zone 2 and require a minimum of R-38.

Built-in attic insulation

effectively improves the energy efficiency of your home and saves on heating costs. Insulating your Florida home with foam spray will help lower your monthly energy bills while keeping your home more comfortable in both hot and cold climates. Florida residents may not have to insulate their homes against freezing winters, but keeping them warm in the winter and cool in the summer months requires adequate insulation. To ensure that homes across the country are properly insulated, the U.S.

Department of Energy enforces region-specific insulation codes. Framed walls and raised floors require insulation with an R value of at least 13 in the state of Florida. Many Florida home insulation companies use different materials, such as spray foam, to reduce their energy bills and also to keep their homes comfortable in both hot and cold climates. If the insulation provided is only in the attic floor beams, close to the top of the beams, it would be a good idea to install better insulation. The R value or insulating power are not the only factors you should consider when building or renovating a house in Florida so that be comfortable.

First, homeowners should check how much insulation they already have in their attics.

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